Episode 61 – Ghost In The Shell SAC (PLUS: Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning)

Greg Driver and Lewis Smith from Structured Randomness join us to talk about 2002’s Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex. It’s cyborg procedural drama in the way only Masamune Shirow and Production IG can deliver. In earlier episodes Brian and Anthony both admitted to having found it boring back in the day – how will they find it in 2012?

PLUS: Lewis and Brian both saw the first Tiger & Bunny movie in London. Find out what they thought about it in this week’s WATCHUWATCH.

Links to things mentioned on the show:

Greg’s “crappy” Ghost In The Shell AMV

A picture of Steve Buscemi

An AMV Anthony collaborated on.


5 Replies to “Episode 61 – Ghost In The Shell SAC (PLUS: Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning)”

  1. Another good episode guys.!

    As you mentioned The Matrix I’ll have to mention the fact that the story is really based on Megazone 23 and William Gibson’s Neuromancer, with the look inspired by Ghost in the Shell.

    The Matrix from The Matrix is almost a straight lift out of Neuromancer, THE cyberpunk novel if you ask me. The whole whats really happening to humans is Megazone 23, A pretty good OVA from the 80’s (just avoid the dub as its terrible).


    Looking forward to the next pocast.

  2. I’d love to see that actually looks right up my street. Is it difficult to track down?

  3. You can “find” it in the usual places.

    Or Amazon UK sell it in 2 versions. One is just the first of 3 parts for a tenner, the other is all 3 parts for about £30 thats the one I got.

    As I say don’t watch the dub. Well actually they play an arcade machine in the 3rd part, the dub of that bit is actually pretty funny as the game has an engrish name of Hard-on.

  4. Be aware that Part 3 is pretty bad, especially since the animation goes down the toilet in numerous places and they resort to cutting between still images to cover it up. Is worth it though to have the main character exclaim that he is the best at Hard-On!

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