Episode 84 – Dead Leaves


Leon Everett and Lewis Smith join us for the first of two episodes. This week we talk about the 2004 Hiroyuki Imaishi film DEAD LEAVES. And for some reason, Sucker Punch will get talked about much more than you would expect.

Also, will Tomorrow’s Nadja make it through another Weekly Retro Recap?

No game though, for reasons that will become clear on next week’s episode.

One Reply to “Episode 84 – Dead Leaves”

  1. Like Anthony said, I’m not a big fan of Dead Leaves either. I pretty much agree with him 100% on it. I want to like it because of the animation and the cool action scenes but I always get bored when I try to watch it. It’s almost like a Michael Bay movie or something– I just tune out after a while, because the non-stop action starts to wear thin.

    I do like Redline though. It has a bit more depth to the characters and it at least pretends to give a crap about its story.

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