3 Replies to “Episode 97 – Top 5 Anime Openings”

  1. That’s actually a pretty decent choice! I’m intrigued by the Anime, might be something I’d enjoy. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. It’s hard to pick just 5 openings! I agree with Brian’s choices– Cutey Honey and Lupin III have excellent opening themes. If I were to pick an Urusei Yatsura opening it would be the third one, “Pajama Jama Da” but all of them are pretty good.

    I also love the first City Hunter opening and the first Maison Ikkoku one.

    That said, it’s impossible to top these two themes.
    Combattler V…

    …and Kemonozume!!

    Although I do crack up every time I hear that screaming in the background of Rock the Dragon. So maybe that one should be in there somewhere too.

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