Let’s Go #164 – Let’s Pivot To Video

Oh irony of ironies, 5 hours after I named the episode, when we came to record it, our video situation fell apart. Anyway, it still refers to the returning Millionaire Detective, as a teenager holds a train hostage on ChainTube, even if it doesn’t refer to our gorgeous, elegant and wild faces.

This week’s episodes:
BNA 5 “Greedy Bears”
Extra Olympia Kyklos 10 “Spartans Are Scary”
God of High School 4 “marriage/bonds”
Wacky TV Nanana 16 “Arrival! His First Popular Phase”
Gibiate 3 “The Third Man”
Deca-Dence 4 “Transmission”
Millionaire Detective 3 “The Sinews of War Are Infinite Money”
Fruits Basket 17 “You Will, I’m Sure of It”
Appare-Ranman 5 “The Eve, and…”
Healin Good Pretty Cure 18 “Heart Flutter! Grateful Nyatoran”
One Piece 935 “Zoro, Stunned – The Shocking Identity of the Mysterious Woman!”