Let’s Go! #190 – Let’s Eat Garbage!

This week we discuss the following:

Pui Pui Molcar 4 “Chewing Chewing Cleaning”
Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God 8 “Suddenly, An Idol / Suddenly, Pottery”
Bungo Stray Dogs WAN! 3 “Operation Errand Run / Finders Kyouka’s / Rampo-san’s Day Well Spent “
Dr. Stone Stone Wars 3 “Call from the Dead”
Heaven’s Design Team 4 “Idea 4”
Jujitsu Kaisen 16 “Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event – Group Battle 2 – “
With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun 16
Back Arrow 4 “Does Genius Come When Least Expected?”
SK8 the Infinity Part 4 “ADAM, THE MATADOR OF LOVE”
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai 17 “THE DEATH-DEFYING SAVIOR”
Healin’ Good Precure 42 “Nodoka’s Choice! Something to Protect”
Kemono Jihen 4 “Mission”

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