Let’s Go! #203 – Let’s Smash It

Oh Skype, why do you thwart us so?

This week:
VLADLOVE 12 “Interview With Mai”
Zenkaiger 8 “No. 8-kai! Door to Door from Another World?!”
Tropical-Rouge Precure 9 “Makeup is Magic? Get Tropical with Movie!”
Moriarty The Patriot 15 “The Phantom of Whitechapel Act 1”
Dragon Goes House-Hunting 4 “A Cold Home”
MEGALOBOX: NOMAD 4 “Si la flor del alma florece, el amor no se perderá”
Fruits basket The Final Season 4 “I’m… Home”
ODDTAXI 4 “Tanaka’s Revolution”
Zombie Land Saga Revenge 4 “Pure-Hearted Electric SAGA”
SSSS.DYNAZENON 5 “What’s Lover-Like Mean?”
Back Arrow 17 “Is This How They Rise Up?”
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai 30 “POPP’S RESOLVE”
My Hero Academia 94 “Foresight”
Detective Conan 1004 “The 36-Cell Perfect Game (Part Two)”
Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun 3 “A Lovely Demoness”
Thunderbolt Fantasy Sword Seekers3 5 “Legend of the Demon Princess”