MANV Feud 7: Violence Jack to New Gall Force

We’re into the final third of our run down of Manga VHS releases, and here’s where those releases start to feel a little run down themselves. We open with the much cut Violence Jack and end with the final Gall Force sequel, the original having never been released in the UK.

3 Replies to “MANV Feud 7: Violence Jack to New Gall Force”

  1. Hi guys! I’m loving listening to this comprehensive breakdown of Manga’s VHS lists!

    I think I might be able to fill in a coupe of gaps in your list

    MANV1165 – Battle Angel Alita/Appleseed Double Pack
    MANV1166 – Devilman – The Birth/Demon Bird Double Pack
    MANV1167 – 3×3 Eyes Parts 1 & 2 Double Pack
    MANV1168 – Wicked City/Monster City Double Pack

  2. Yeah pretty much! I was very much like you at this point, I had ‘jumped ship’ and was buying mainly Pioneer and AD Vision stuff at this point.

    Looking forward to the next MANVFeud! I’m going to go and listen to some of your other podcasts too. Really enjoy what you guys do.

    Keep up the great work!

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