Let’s Go #165 – Let’s Remember Our Childhood

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This week we are visited by Spartans who have a lot to say about their childhood. Plus, a bumper crop of Super Shiro to talk about.

Super Shiro 43 “Run, Flee, and Follow”
BNA 6 “Fox Waltz”
Extra Olympia Kyklos 11 “Different Country, Different Face”
God of High School 5 “ronde/hound”
Fruits Basket 18 “Do You Wanna Kiss?”
Wacky TV Nanana 17 “Order In! Popular Lunch Delivery”
Deca-Dence 5 “differential gear”
Appare-Ranman 6 “I am GIL!”
Millionaire Detective 4 “Nothing Makes A Man so Adventerous as an Empty Pocket”
Healin Good Pretty Cure 19 “Save Rate! Wind of Prayers and Miracle Girl”

Watch a slightly shorter version of Let’s Go #165 – Let’s Remember Our Childhood on the youtube with Brian and Dwayne’s gorgeous, elegant and wild faces.

Let’s Go #164 – Let’s Pivot To Video

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Oh irony of ironies, 5 hours after I named the episode, when we came to record it, our video situation fell apart. Anyway, it still refers to the returning Millionaire Detective, as a teenager holds a train hostage on ChainTube, even if it doesn’t refer to our gorgeous, elegant and wild faces.

This week’s episodes:
BNA 5 “Greedy Bears”
Extra Olympia Kyklos 10 “Spartans Are Scary”
God of High School 4 “marriage/bonds”
Wacky TV Nanana 16 “Arrival! His First Popular Phase”
Gibiate 3 “The Third Man”
Deca-Dence 4 “Transmission”
Millionaire Detective 3 “The Sinews of War Are Infinite Money”
Fruits Basket 17 “You Will, I’m Sure of It”
Appare-Ranman 5 “The Eve, and…”
Healin Good Pretty Cure 18 “Heart Flutter! Grateful Nyatoran”
One Piece 935 “Zoro, Stunned – The Shocking Identity of the Mysterious Woman!”

Let’s Go! 163 – Let’s Tune Our Engines

Banner Image for the podcast episode "Let's Tune Our Engines"

On “Let’s Tune Our Engines” we discuss the following episodes:

BNA 4 “Dolphin Daydream”
Extra Olympia Kyklos 9 “Build a Tropaion”
God of High School 3 “wisdom/kingdom”
Fruits Basket 16 “Ask Him For Me”
Wacky TV Nanana 15 “Romance! The Mysterious Shared House”
Gibiate 2 “Beyond The Maelstrom”
Deca-Dence 3 “Steering”
Appare-Ranman 4 “Let It Go”
Healin Good Pretty Cure 17 “Finest Hospitality Trainee Innkeeper”
One Piece 934 “A Big Turnover! The Three-Sword Style Overcomes Danger!”

Follow us on Youtube for the live recordings.

Let’s Go #162 – Let’s Enjoy Oxyone With Friends

Banner for the episode Let's Enjoy Oxyone With Friends.

We enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of Oxyone and record a podcast about this week’s anime episodes:

BNA 3 “Rhino Melancholy”
Extra Olympia Kyklos 8 “Endless Summer”
God of High School 2 “renewal/soul”
Fruits Basket 15 “See You Later”
Wacky TV Nanana 14 “Land Ho! Nanaoka’s Expedition Crew”
Gibiate 1 “Spirited Away”
Deca-Dence 2 “Sprocket”
Healin Good Pretty Cure 16 “Friendship vows under the Eternal Tree”
One Piece 933 “Gyukimaru! Zoro Fights a Duel on Bandit’s Bridge!

Bonus: watch us record the episode on Youtube. See Brian and Dwayne’s faces for the first time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_m8NwNmnNk

Let’s Go! #160 – Let’s Run Away And Be Animals!

This week’s episodes:
Super Shiro 35 – Adventures In The Jungle
Super Shiro 36 – The Daily Life of CanCan
Extra Olympia Kyklos 6 – Symposium Tonight
Woodpecker Detective’s Office 12 – Pale Blue Skies
Fruits Basket 13 – Sure Thing
BNA 1 – Runaway Raccoon
Wacky TV Nanana Chase the Kraken Monster! 12 – Eggplant! The Unrivaled Director
Kiramager 13 – War in Subterranea
Healin’ Good Pretty Cure 14 – Energy Source! Sukoyaka Festival!
One Piece 931 – Climb Up – Luffy’s Desperate Escape!

Let’s Go #159 – Let’s Invent Water Sports

This week’s episodes:
Extra Olympia Kyklos Episode 5 – The Aegean Sea of Tears
Woodpecker Detective’s Office Episode 11 – The Hour of Demons
Fruits Basket Episode 12 – You Cried for Me
Tower of God Episode 13 – Tower of God
Wacky TV Nanana Chase the Kraken Monster! Episode 11 – Arrival! A Rampaging Giant Lifeform
Kiramager 12 – The Nice Guy with The Wonder Drill
Kamen Rider Zero-One 36 – I Am The Ark, And I Am A Kamen Rider
Healin’ Good Pretty Cure 13 – Quit or not quit? What’s bothering Hinata?
One Piece 930 – A Lead Performer! Queen the Plague Emerges!

Let’s Go #158 – Let’s Hope There Are Enough Shows For A Podcast Next Week!

This week’s episodes:
Woodpecker Detective’s Office 10 Over Many Mountains and Rivers
Fruits Basket S2 11 All Mine
Tower of God 12 Underwater Hunt (Part Two),
Wacky TV Nanana 10 President! A Hard Cash Negotiation
Listeners 12 Hello, Goodbye / Listeners 13 Tomorrow Never Knows
Wave Listen To Me 12 I Want to Convey It to You