Episode 60 – Autumn Preview

It’s that time again. The time to tell you what we failed to watch from the Summer anime season and what we will fail to watch in the Autumn anime season. Because we are too busy watching things for the podcast.

The difference this time is we are joined by Bradley C. Meek of THOSE DAMN CARTOONS. He’s got a fist full of WATCHUWATCH he wants to talk about and joins in with the fantastic new game “DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN WE GAVE A TOSS ABOUT…”

And Brian says terrible things about the presenters of Top Gear.

Episode 59 – Interstella 5555

Debbie Collins joins us “One More time” for a “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” episode of Dynamite In The Brain. You’ll “Digital Love” it.


That’s right we are talking the Daft Punk / Leiji Matsumoto film from 2003, Interstella 5555. Plus, a superhero filled WATCHUWATCH and a silly game involving Yahoo Answers.


Episode 57 – Amecon Review

We are joined by a bumper load of guests today. Returning to the Mayhem Moon are Ebbie from the BizarreJelly5 videolog and Leon Everett. And joining us for the first time ever, it’s DJ Snap himself, James Simmonds. They (and Anthony) all went to Amecon and they are here to tell you (and Brian) all about it. Plus, can they identify their own tweets in Brian’s new game?

You better listen to it before it goes out of print!

Episode 56 – SUPERHERO MONTH PART 4 – The Skull Man

Third time lucky! We finally recorded an episode about 2007’s THE SKULL MAN and we are joined by returning guest Bradley C. Meek, who valiantly does the heavy lifting for a chest infected Anthony and hayfever ridden Brian. Plus: WATCHUWATCH, the UK DVD/BD releases and an exciting game of MUTANT, CYBORG or ANDROID.

All this and more in a brand new episode of DYNAMITE IN THE BRAIN.

Check out Bradley’s website THOSE DAMN CARTOONS and tell him what’s cute and what’s not.

Brian’s posts on The Skull Man from 2007 – 1, 2.

Episode 54 – SUPERHERO MONTH PART 3 – Ultimate Muscle

In the third part of our look at superhero themed anime, we look at the first six episodes of the dub of the Kinnikuman sequel, ULTIMATE MUSCLE. Currently airing in the UK on Kix, it also doubles as this months 2002 anime.

Plus, this weeks UK anime releases, a Dark Knight Rises WATCHUWATCH and we also watched some of the original 1982 Kinnikuman anime too.

Episode 53 – SUPERHERO MONTH PART 2 – Gotham Knight

Remember that Batman OAV that came out around the time of The Dark Knight? Well we do, and we’re joined by Debbie Collins to talk GOTHAM KNIGHT and all things Batman.  So warm yourself up for The Dark Knight Rises with latest episode of Dynamite In The Brain!

PLUS: Anthony debuts a character, the week’s UK anime releases, WATCHUWATCH and game of BATMAN VILLAIN OR CONSERVATIVE PARTY MP?


“Staked through the heart and you’re to blame, you give genetically engineered monsters designed for fighting, a bad name.”

That’s right, it’s 2012’s anime adaptation of Masakazu Katsura’s bloody superhero manga. Our first of four superhero shows, we discuss this melange of Batman, Devilman and Iron Man. Did we love it or hate it? Find out in a new episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

Episode 51 – Spring Catch Up & Summer Preview

To begin the episode Anthony & Brian look back to episode 43 and the spring anime they said they were looking forward to. Did they watch them? What did they think of them? Then, having undermined their anime quality soothsaying abilities, they go ahead and pick what summer season anime they are looking forward to.

Yes, this is just the description of episode 33 with seasons changed. Don’t judge!