Episode 86 – Spring Preview



Anthony was super hungover the day we recorded this so  he’s not on this episode.

Filling in for him is Bradley C Meek. And considering the pair of us make this episode take almost 2 hours, it was probably for the best that there weren’t three of us on the podcast.

First up we talk about all the winter anime we watched, then we look ahead to the spring season shows and what excites us there. And that’s pretty much it.

Apart from the week’s UK anime releases of course, and the Weekly Retro Recap. With Anthony absent can Tomorrow’s Nadja survive another week, or will Brian send it on its merry way? Find out on another fun packed episode of the show twitter calls DITB.

Episode 85 – Dynamite In The Brain Pilot Episode



Here is something different from our usual podcast.

The product of decades spent listening to BBC Radio 4, this is a pilot episode for a panel show/quiz version of the podcast, expanding on the games we play on the episodes with guests on.

It was an interesting experiment, and when we do it again, there’s a few changes I’ll make behind the scenes, and one rule change to the final round. Hopefully though this first draft feels different to the typical anime podcast.

On this episode, Anthony competes against Lewis Smith and Leon Everett. Who will win? Find out on episode 85 of Dynamite In The Brain…

Episode 84 – Dead Leaves


Leon Everett and Lewis Smith join us for the first of two episodes. This week we talk about the 2004 Hiroyuki Imaishi film DEAD LEAVES. And for some reason, Sucker Punch will get talked about much more than you would expect.

Also, will Tomorrow’s Nadja make it through another Weekly Retro Recap?

No game though, for reasons that will become clear on next week’s episode.

Episode 83 – Mind Game

Mind Game Anime

Fester Fish’s father, Aaron Long, joins us once again, this time to talk Masaaki Yuasa’s 2004 film MIND GAME. Which mainly involves telling each other how much we love it as we attempt to provide a film synopsis. In fact we love it so much, we will probably do another episode in the future once we have all digested the extras on the Region 4 DVD release. And then probably another one after that.

Plus, Tomorrow’s Nadja enters WEEK THREE of the Weekly Retro Recap, the first show to do so. Can it make it to week four? And we round the show off with perhaps the toughest game we’ve ever played on the show and a terrible pun.


Episode 82 – Top Robots



Greg Driver & Gary Hedges join us again, this time run down our favourite robots from anime and manga. And one thing that isn’t either. And one robot that’s technically a cyborg, despite the only rule being no cyborgs.

WARNING: this episode contains a DBZ discussion that may have you shouting at your generic mp3 playing devices. All I will say is stick with it.

Plus, Tomorrow’s Nadja is once again our WEEKLY RETRO RECAP. Will it be the first show to go beyond two episodes? Download and find out!

Episode 81 – Cyber City Oedo 808


Everyone guests on this episode of Dynamite In The Brain. Well not quite everyone, but we do have Gary Hedges, Greg Driver and Niall Flanagan on board to talk 1991’s CYBER CITY OEDO 808. The violence, the swearing, the vampires, the swearing, the robots, the swearing, it’s all here on another bumper episode of DITB.

As a counter point to this outpouring of 1990’s OAV excess, this week’s Weekly Retro Recap is episode 1 of TOMORROW’S NADJA, a tale of an orphan finding her way in the Europe of the early 20th century.

All this and we totally forget to mention that we’ve been at this podcast lark for TWO YEARS now.



Episode 80 – The Animatrix



Debbie Crisp joins us once more to talk about a Warner Home Video animation anthology, this time it’s the animated spin-off from the Matrix Trilogy, THE ANIMATRIX. Cast your minds back ten years to when our disappointment in the sequels was somewhat lessened by this collection of animated shorts set in the world of the Matrix.

Plus, this week’s WEEKLY RETRO RECAP is the first episode of SAIYUKI RELOAD.

Oh and here’s the Drive animation that was mentioned on the podcast.


Episode 79 – Golgo 13



To counteract the magical girl shows from last week’s episode, we are joined by Niall Flanagan to talk 1983’s movie adaptation of GOLGO 13. The world’s most famous stoic assassin in a classic from the 90s anime boom in the UK.

Plus the usual UK anime releases, WATCHUWATCH, the Weekly Retro Recap featuring Airmaster episode 2 and a game we like to call FINAL SCORE.

So listen, and find out why this episode could have been called “ALL ABOARD THE GULLIBILITY EXPRESS”…

Episode 78 – Magical Geordie Askew-chan



It’s finally here, the episode in which Anthony is forced to watch MAGICAL GIRL SHOWS. Spanning six decades of magical girls, can the man from the North-East’s fragile machismo stand the onslaught of “girly” anime? Find out on a special episode of DITB!

Featuring: Sally The Witch! Meg The Witch Girl! Creamy Mami! Sailor Moon! Pretty Cure! Jewelpet Sunshine!

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Episode 77 – Emergency Podcast


A last minute scheduling clash meant we were left guest-less and couldn’t do the planned topic. So we put a call out on twitter and Facebook for question and topics and you, the listener, came through for us. So episode 77 includes discussion of diverse topics like Ghost In The Shell Arise, Cats, Moomins, kigurumi, embarrassing moments and much, much more.