Episode 258 – We All Went To Kitacon

Anthony and Brian are joined by Niall Flanagan and Ebbie (BizarreJelly5) to run down the highlights and the lowlights of a weekend spent at Warwick Arts Centre in the company of roughly 1500 attendees of Kitacon. We’re not even joking!

You can hear the parody songs that we discuss on this podcast here.

Episode 159 – Space Dandy Season 2


We are joined by Ebbie from OKKO Anime Club and Niall from SOTSM to talk the best anime of all time, Space Dandy Season 2. All thirteen episodes, episode by episode.

Plus, Brian has the flu and wouldn’t realise until five days after recording this that it wasn’t his turn to do the Weekly Retro Recap on Ninja Nonsense. So who knows what other fever inspired delusions he might spout this episode. He doesn’t know, because he didn’t listen back to it. So find out for yourself and let him know in the comments.

And as it was a week or so into the new season of anime when we recorded this, we do a WATCHUWATCH as well.


Episode 140 – Space Dandy Season 1


It’s time for a Dandy podcast on the internet, with guest Ebbie from OKKO ANIME CLUB, as talk 2014’s sci-fi comedy Space Dandy! Apologies for the two things Brian promises he’ll discuss later in the show and then never does, we’ll try and talk about them when we do the Season 2 episode later in the year.

Smash Hit episode 1 is the Weekly Retro Recap. Blame Anthony for that one.

Episode 129 – Penguindrum Part 2



Sometimes podcasts don’t quite go the way you planned. Ebbie AKA Bizarrejelly5 joins us today for one such podcast, as talk about the second Penguindrum Box Set (covering episodes 13-24) turns into talk about the process of watching anime for the podcast. Specifically Anthony’s process…

Beck continues as our Weekly Retro Recap and we play a game of “Animals Must Be Cast As Leads”.

So pay attention and keep careful notes, as you listen to another episode of Dynamite in the Brain!

Episode 95 – Kino’s Journey


Ebbie aka BizarreJelly5 joins us today to talk about her favourite TV show of all time, Kino’s Journey. Brian and Anthony have never seen it before, so find out how they react to this tale of a girl and her talking motorcycle.

Brian has heard of another show with a talking motorcycle, so we also talk a little about the failed pilot Heat Vision & Jack.

Plus he tests Anthony & Ebbie’s knowledge of bikers in popular culture in the game BIKER TROVE.

All this and R.O.D. the TV makes its debut as the Weekly Retro Recap. Rev your engines dear listener, for it’s another tearaway episode of the show they call DITB.

Episode 87 – Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Hey, hey the gang’s all here! That’s right, Anthony is back and just in time to talk Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie with guests Lewis Smith and Ebbie AKA bizarrejelly5.

We’ve all the usual nonsense, WatchUWatch, Weekly Retro Recap, UK anime releases, plus talk about the inaugural GEMUCON that everyone bar Brian went to.

Then we get into it with the 1994 animated motion picture about men and women wandering the world getting into fights.

Episode 57 – Amecon Review

We are joined by a bumper load of guests today. Returning to the Mayhem Moon are Ebbie from the BizarreJelly5 videolog and Leon Everett. And joining us for the first time ever, it’s DJ Snap himself, James Simmonds. They (and Anthony) all went to Amecon and they are here to tell you (and Brian) all about it. Plus, can they identify their own tweets in Brian’s new game?

You better listen to it before it goes out of print!

Episode 47 – Pokemon Heroes

We travel back to 2002 once again, this time to visit Poke-Venice and the fifth Pokemon movie, Pokemon Heroes. Joining us is Ebbie from the BizarreJelly5 video blog and The Aniverse Podcast. Pokemon blood types, creepy human/pokemon relationships, breakthroughs in Pokemon taxonomy and more are discussed in the latest episode of Dynamite In The Brain!