Episode 47 – Pokemon Heroes

We travel back to 2002 once again, this time to visit Poke-Venice and the fifth Pokemon movie, Pokemon Heroes. Joining us is Ebbie from the BizarreJelly5 video blog and The Aniverse Podcast. Pokemon blood types, creepy human/pokemon relationships, breakthroughs in Pokemon taxonomy and more are discussed in the latest episode of Dynamite In The Brain!

5 Replies to “Episode 47 – Pokemon Heroes”

  1. I don’t think I made it this far into Pokemon… I stopped watching some time before Brock came back, after he’d been replaced by the guy with the headband. I found Anthony’s anguish over Brock’s age absolutely hilarious.

    Out of curiosity, what made you guys decide to do this particular Pokemon film? Was it just a random choice, or is it supposed to be one of the better ones?

    1. We picked it because it was from 2002, and there’s slim pickings to be had in 2002. There’s a couple of obvious popular TV shows that are on the slate, plus a notable film, but we’re also looking at a Hamtaro movie too.

  2. What do you mean you can’t pick Meowth as the best member of Team Rocket?!
    Also introducing Pokemon DLC into the games would be EVIL!

  3. I’m going to pitch Pokemon DLC to the big wigs at Nintendo or whoever that company is who owns the games.

  4. A pretty decent episode shame that ant tried to show off his pokemon knowledge and fail man that HM47 thing was hilarious and i am slightly annoyed that the current movies are basically the same flim just replaced one of the main pokemon in the flim

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