Episode 48 – Top Anime Royalty

This just in: shamelessly topical podcast shamefully comes out a day late and loses topicality!

You’ve had four days of incessant blather about a real royal family, now here’s an hour more blather about fictional cartoon royal families. We run down our top ten royals, ranging from alien princesses to reincarnated demons with their faces removed.

Plus: Anthony impersonates some classic Hanna Barbera characters!

3 Replies to “Episode 48 – Top Anime Royalty”

  1. Pointing out Ox King’s resemblance to Kevin Smith actually made me laugh out loud.

    I love it when characters are called Kings for no reason, like the Ox King and the Slum King. I just find kings in general hysterical for some reason.

    I also heartily approve of Brian wearing a crown for this episode. Your devotion to the integrity of the show is admirable, even if we can’t see it.

    Most of the good anime royalty was mentioned in the episode, but I also like Aira from Green Legend Ran (I’m pretty sure she turns out to be Princess of the Plant-people or something) since I was impressed by the animation of her, at least in the first episode. And her silver hair is pretty cool.

    I just remembered the absurdity in the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA of one character being a princess, but her father being the president. That lineage makes no sense.

    Anthony’s play-by-play updates when Brian got the mysterious visitor at the end provided a suspenseful conclusion to a thoroughly entertaining episode. Tragically, you left us on a cliff-hanger and it seems that we’ll never find out who was at Brian’s door.

    1. It was a dodgy scrap dealer asking if he could buy my old Peugeot. I’ve had too many people just wandering into the flats of late so I’ve since checked the front door and turns out that it no longer locks after they painted it! So I’ve since contacted the management to sort it out.

      So in future the podcast will get interrupted by an intercom buzzing instead!

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