Episode 208 – Best Anime of 2001

Once again Niall Flanagan of Secret of the Sailor Madness and Let’s Go sits in as co-host as Anthony is still missing. Even though he was on the last Let’s Go. The power of pre-recording!

What’s more, Bradley Meek of Anime Now! joins us again, as we run down what we think are the best examples of anime from 2001. And there’s a lot. 2001 was a pretty good year, and we’ve got a lot of episodes out of it over the years.

Episode 105 – Panel Game 2



A couple of days late due to power cut and an anime convention, but it is now here, another all game episode of DITB.

Anthony and Greg take on the transatlantic titans of Bradley C Meek and Aaron Long.

Featuring the following games:

  • Lost In Translation
  • Vic or Trick?
  • I Packed My Con Bag
  • Once Upon A Time In Fictional History
  • If Paul Rudd Was Anime
  • When Did People Give A Hoot About?

Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 26 – Hipira and other Vampires


A special Halloween episode of DITB. We talk 2009 CG vampire anime Hipira. Originally a story book by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Shinji Kimura, it got a series of shorts made by Kimura and CG master Kodai Sato.

Then we discuss IMDB’s highest rated animated vampires themed shows/movies. Which briefly turns into an episode of Cash In The Attic.

00:00 Hipira
25:20 IMDB Vampire list

And finally, Anthony appears a guest on episode 127 of Fight Bait’s Whiskey Thursday, so check that out.

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