Episode 165 – The Year In Review


It’s the DITB Year in Review. Or more accurately The Year in Ten Broad Topics.

Joining us to summarise 12 months worth of cartoons in less than two hours are Niall Flanagan and Bradley Meek. What is the best robot of 2014? The greatest animal? Or even the best bottom? (R.I.P. Elliot Page).

Find out the inconclusive answers to these questions and seven more, on a bumper blow out episode of Dynamite In The Brain.

Episode 159 – Space Dandy Season 2


We are joined by Ebbie from OKKO Anime Club and Niall from SOTSM to talk the best anime of all time, Space Dandy Season 2. All thirteen episodes, episode by episode.

Plus, Brian has the flu and wouldn’t realise until five days after recording this that it wasn’t his turn to do the Weekly Retro Recap on Ninja Nonsense. So who knows what other fever inspired delusions he might spout this episode. He doesn’t know, because he didn’t listen back to it. So find out for yourself and let him know in the comments.

And as it was a week or so into the new season of anime when we recorded this, we do a WATCHUWATCH as well.


Episode 147 – Summer Preview


It’s that time again when we invite young Mr. Bradley C. Meek into your ears to talk about all the anime we watched over the last three months and all the anime we will fail to watch over the next three. And Space Dandy Season 2, which obviously we are all going to watch without failure, because it is just so swell.

Episode 2 of Sgt. Frog is our Weekly Retro Recap and Brian finally comes up with a variation on the “guess which year this famous anime started” quiz that is a little easier. All that and more in another bumper edition of Dynamite In The Brain!

Episode 140 – Space Dandy Season 1


It’s time for a Dandy podcast on the internet, with guest Ebbie from OKKO ANIME CLUB, as talk 2014’s sci-fi comedy Space Dandy! Apologies for the two things Brian promises he’ll discuss later in the show and then never does, we’ll try and talk about them when we do the Season 2 episode later in the year.

Smash Hit episode 1 is the Weekly Retro Recap. Blame Anthony for that one.

Episode 135 – Spring Preview


First things first, where was last week’s episode? Well it’s still here on my hard drive and there it shall remain for now. It has been deemed unsuitable for human ears. Not for any technical aspect, but for content. So traumatising was that episode that it laid Anthony low with a terrible illness and he couldn’t make it to our Spring Preview.

A call went out across the internet, who could join Brian and Bradley to look back over the Winter season, look forward to the Spring season and play a game of KIDS or CREEPS? One voice answered that call, the man they call SCAMP from THECARTDRIVER.COM

Oh, and there’s an important podcast announcement hidden inside this episode too. ENJOY.


Episode 123 – Winter Preview


Bradley C. Meek joins us to preview the first new anime of 2014, while bidding a fond farewell to 2013’s Autumn shows. And to gang up with Anthony on one of Brian’s favourite shows of the past 3 months. It’s not fair, I tell you.

The execrable Mouse is our Weekly Retro Recap and Brian has the gain turned up too high on his new mixer…