Episode 135 – Spring Preview


First things first, where was last week’s episode? Well it’s still here on my hard drive and there it shall remain for now. It has been deemed unsuitable for human ears. Not for any technical aspect, but for content. So traumatising was that episode that it laid Anthony low with a terrible illness and he couldn’t make it to our Spring Preview.

A call went out across the internet, who could join Brian and Bradley to look back over the Winter season, look forward to the Spring season and play a game of KIDS or CREEPS? One voice answered that call, the man they call SCAMP from THECARTDRIVER.COM

Oh, and there’s an important podcast announcement hidden inside this episode too. ENJOY.


One Reply to “Episode 135 – Spring Preview”

  1. Good Episode Gents!

    Still recovering from the comment that The Real Folk Blues is a ‘Bland’ ending theme.

    At least we can all agree on JoJo’s being the one to watch.

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