Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 7 – DiCing around


Gary Hedges joins us to discuss the DiC shows from our childhood that had Japanese animation talent working on them in one form or another. We’ll be back with part 2 of the chat in Episode 8.

Co-production information taken from Megna Co-production database.

New Yorker article on Haim Saban
Ulysses 31 OP (Schofield/Gopher version)
Mysterious Cities of Gold OP & Box Set
Inspector Gadget OP
Heathcliff OP
The Littles OP
Poochie TV Special
Pole Position OP
Rainbow Brite

Theme music by Paul Smith of quiet quiet band.

You can find Anthony Askew on the web here. He also writes for DefConTwo, so why not check that out too.

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