Dynamite In The Brain – Episode 8 – I Ain’t Afraid of No Popples


Gary Hedges returns to continue our discussion of the DiC shows from our childhood that had Japanese animation talent working on them in one form or another. We forgot to record the first 45 minutes of the podcast so if we seem a little flat to begin with it’s because we’re going over stuff we just talked about again. Those missing minutes were gold too. Nevermind though as there are a lot of minutes in this latest episode of Dynamite in the Brain, the podcast that loves anime and hates fun!

Co-production information taken from Megna Co-production database.

Robot Man and Friends
The Popples
The Kingdom Chums
ALF Tales
Beverley Hills Teens
Lady Lovelylocks
Barbie & The Rockers.
The New Archies
Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theatre
Sylvanian Families on Amazon – DiC Version and Cribbens Version.

Theme music by Paul Smith of quiet quiet band.

You can find Anthony Askew on the web here and on twitter here. He also writes for DefConTwo, so why not check that out too.

Gary Hedges now has a twitter account, so you can follow him there.

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