Episode 72 – Winter Preview


Bradley C. Meek joins us to look forward to next years new anime shows. Warning: there might occasionally be references to events in next week’s episode. This is because we are power ESPers and definitely not because we recorded our December episodes out of synch.

Here is the Idolmaster video I mention on the show.

2 Replies to “Episode 72 – Winter Preview”

  1. What’s this about animators being perverts?! How dare you suggest that such a pure and noble breed as animators would induldge in dirty jokes.


    In our defense, when you’re doing extremely similar drawings all day it becomes a fun challenge to see what you can sneak in. The difference is that in the west it’s usually because they’re trying to be funny or piss off their bosses– in Japan most of them seem to actually like drawing little girls’ underwear.

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