Let’s Go! #182 – Let’s Flip The Script

This week we discuss:

Mr. Osomatsu, Season 3, Episode 8, To The South
Golden Kamuy, Episode 33, Revolutionary
Jujitsu Kaisen, Episode 10, Idle Transfiguration
With a Dog and a Cat Every Day is Fun, Episode 10
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Episode 10, ONTO PAPNICA KINGDOM
Gal and Dino, Episode 10, “We’re Friends” “My BFF Birdy” “Caligraphy Time” “That Darn Fly”
Gymnastics Samurai, Episode 9, Ninja & Samurai
Healin’ Good Precure, Episode 35, “Hand in Hand Toss! Volleyball Healing!”
Moriarty the Patriot episode 9 A Study in ‘S’ Act 2