Let’s Go! #183 – Let’s Do Chores

This week we discuss the following:

Mr. Osomatsu, Season 3, Episode 9, “Sheeeh” “Totonya’s Shorts Series Outfit” “Let’s Do Chores”
Golden Kamuy, Episode 34, Catching Up to the Wolf
Jujitsu Kaisen, Episode 11, Narrow-minded
With a Dog and a Cat Every Day is Fun, Episode 11
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Episode 11, Hyunckel, The Dark Swordsman
Gal and Dino, Episode 11, “Helloooo?” “The Amazing Wanna-Go-Out EX” “No Worries” “Subchannel! 2”
Gymnastics Samurai, Episode 10, Samurai’s Decisive Battle
Healin’ Good Precure, Episode 36, “Gloomy Natasha Our Special Study Camp!”
Moriarty the Patriot, Episode 10, The Two Detectives Act 1