Episode 212 – The Best Anime of 1991

Behold a real struggle of a podcast as we attempt to fashion a list of 1991’s best new anime. The problem being, 1991 was a horrible year for new anime. Possibly the worst ever. Joining us in this Herculean task is Sublo & Tangy Mustard‘s Aaron Long.

Of course, the other problem is that Aaron & Anthony haven’t seen much anime that started in 1991…

3 Replies to “Episode 212 – The Best Anime of 1991”

  1. Some of my highlights of the year were:

    3×3 Eyes (I think it was upto episode 4)
    Kekkou Kamen
    The Heroic Legend of Arslan original ova
    Roujin Z, a film I’d say is better than Akira
    Detonator Orgun
    Sohryuuden or Legend of the Four Kings (my number 1 guilty pleasure)
    Dark Cat
    Monkey Punch no Sekai: Alice
    and lastly Psychic Wars, almost a followup to the year before’s Vampire Wars

  2. ‘Roujin Z, a film I’d say is better than Akira’


    I need to check this out.

  3. I feel I need to add to that. I much prefer the manga to Akira (I also hope they do make the TV series or ova series thats been talked about for years as the story really needs to be longer). Back in the 90’s when I first saw Akira on the vhs I got I fell asleep 4 times trying to see it. It was aired a couple of years later on BBC2 along with Patlabor 1 and Wings of Honneamise and Roujin Z all subtitled, that was the point I found out I prefer subs. I found the sub of it much better. I also saw it a few years ago on the big screen at the Sci-Fi London anime all-nighter, man that is a bloody good looking film on the big screen!

    Roujin Z is a very different kind of sci-fi film, more personal at the start and a more realistic possibility with the even more so now aging population. I much prefer the feel of it. Its not as visually spectacular as Akira, but is still quality and also screams Otomo in places. Nicer character designs too.

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